The Future of Broadcasting


We all know that the only thing that is permanent in life is change. Broadcasting networks has been shaken by how technology changed the game. Before, people got no choice but to sit on their couch and watch tv. But today, they got a lot of options because of the internet. So, will broadcasting survive the test of time? Or there are ways to excel in this business?

The Most Reliable Network Wins

antennaBack in the days, the biggest network wins. But today, the most reliable network wins. It’s a game of trust. Subscribers learned about the loopholes in the media, thanks to social media. They learned that a tale featured in the news might not be showing the whole picture. Nowadays, we will know right away if the story is made-up or staged. People around the world are going to be talking about it internacional. And if your network is on the wrong boat, you will sink in no time.

Going Digital

Do you remember those long antennas we used to set up on the roof? According to a tech blog, these antennas are being slowly phased out. There will be a time when people are no longer switching channels and would rather check your network online discount code. It’s slow progress, but it’s going to happen. It’s been happening nowadays. Before, you are getting paid because of the advertisements. But there will come a time that you will get paid through subscriptions.

Investing in Analytics Capabilities

Consumers behavior is changing at lightning speed. As a network who is getting paid for air time, investing in analytics capabilities today is so important. The consumer behavior might change but the rules of the game stay the same. You have to be the first to detect these changes. The offers & booking discount code coupons strategy will be watered down soon. You have to find a way how to attract investors and clients with solid proof that your network can deliver their demands.

4 thoughts on “The Future of Broadcasting”

  1. Linda says:

    This article made me feel as if there is still something genuine about the media today. I hate watching the news because most of them are biased. But yeah, if you want me to watch your channel, you gotta earn my trust first.

  2. Joe says:

    The media should have not crossed the line in the first place. It’s a huge wall of lies that they have to undo.

  3. Benjamin says:

    I think that broadcasting industry is the only industry which couldn’t be replaced by AI.

    1. Aleck says:

      Sad to say but it’s really amazing how AI can be integrated on any job. Broadcasting is one of these jobs that can be more reliable and neutral if an AI is the one doing it. AI’s don’t have biases, so I think the information they would be sharing is more accurate and reliable compared to those delivered by humans. LOL

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